Beginners Guide to Glassblowing

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Glassblowing is one of the most beautiful, practical, and versatile art forms. Since the 1st century B.C, humanity has recognized the importance and value of shaping glass, due to its many applications extending from the practical to the artistic. We have developed multiple techniques to make the best use of this wonderful material.   If you’re interested in learning about this craft, whether it is as a profession or hobby, you have to start somewhere.   That’s why we brought this short guide, where we’ll cover a few important aspects of glassblowing, in order to give you a better idea…

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Glass Art Universe Is Coming To St. Pete March 28-30

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Glass Art Universe, put together by the prestigious Glass Art Society, is coming to St Pete. March 28-30th. Approximately 1,000 members of the Seattle-based Glass Art Society will take over St Pete for a truly special event. DMG School Project will be there and we hope to see as many of you as possible! What Is The Glass Art Society? The Glass Art Society is an international non-profit organization founded in 1971 whose purpose is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who…

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hot glass class

Hot Glass Classes Coming Up at DMG School

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Personal growth through art knows no age or physical limits. Creativity is an integral part of people everywhere and the DMG School Project believes there is an artist in everyone. We also believe that the classes that we offer can fire up the imagination and allow both novice and expert artists alike, the thrill of creating hot glass art. There are plenty of exciting hot glass classes coming up here at the DMG School Project that we want you to know about! Glass Immersion Weekend with Deanna Clayton Background Deanna Clayton creates glass sculpture in vessel form as well as…

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master glass artist at work

Master Glass Artist: What Does it Take?

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The label of Master Glass Artist is a rare one that carries a level of prestige that few other art forms command. Chances are, if you were walking down the street in any given city, even St. Pete, you probably wouldn’t bump into a master glass artist too often. Maybe never! Obviously, it takes a lot of work to become a master of anything. Malcolm Gladwell famously suggested in his book Outliers it takes at least 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become “world-class” at any one thing. His examples included Bill Gates and the Beatles. For reference, that is…

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How Art Education Helps Youth Grow

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DMG School Project believes there is an artist in everyone. We are also advocates of art education, youth learning, and excelling in all other facets of life as a consequence of learning about and participating in the arts. The earlier kids are exposed to the arts, the more time they have to master them. And once kids begin to improve, they will become proud of the work they do. This is key for engaging and motivating young minds, which encourages lifelong learning and success. Academic Success Kids that succeed in school learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, taking their…

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