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Open Call to emerging Glass Artists

DMG School Project is excited to announce we are accepting applications for both Winter and Spring 2020 Emerging Artists Residencies – FOUR artists will be awarded!

DMG School Project is looking for a balance between pushing your skill level, giving you the opportunity to try your craziest hotshop dreams, and a cohesive body of work that aligns with your artist statement. We do not ship the body of work you create here at DMG School Project. The Artists In Residence will be responsible for the packaging, transportation, and shipment of their works after the exhibition.

The Duncan McClellan Gallery is not responsible for holding your works after the 30-day exhibition. The resident artists will need to make arrangements to have their works shipped or picked up at the end of the exhibition.

Interested artists should submit images of current works, a CV, an artist statement, and a letter of intent no later than August 31, 2019 to both and Please specify which residency time is preferred as we will try to accommodate.

Artist Responsibilities include:

• Assist in charging the furnace and shop cleanup weekly.

• Minimum of 5 works ready to install in the Duncan McClellan Gallery.

• Resident artists are expected to assist each other.

• Any additional expenses such as assistants, color, transportation, etc will be the resident artists’ responsibility.

• Resident artists are expected to share the studio and work with our team, staff, and volunteers. This includes demonstrating glass blowing for events held on the property, talking and interacting with the public and narrating demonstrations.

• Use the shop as if you are paying for it. This is being a good steward to grants and donations received to make the residency program possible. This is not a vacation. Hard work is expected, and days will easily last 18 hours.

Residency includes:

  • Six Week residency with shared lodging during residency.
  • 24-hour access to DMG School Project hot shop and cold shop; this includes up to 20 hours of glory hole usage and up to 125 pounds of furnace glass per artist, per week during the first month. The final two weeks of the residency is devoted to cold working, finishing, stand building, pricing, gallery mentorship, and finalizing artist bio and statement.
  • $1000 stipend per artist.
  • A month-long exhibition featuring new residency work at the Duncan McClellan Gallery.
  • Mentorship by Duncan McClellan on the business aspects of being a successful artist. This includes how to effectively market your work, making gallery contacts and cultivating collectors.

Two artists will be awarded the residency, January 1 – February 8, 2020and two more will be awarded the residency, April 1 – May 9, 2020.

DMG School Project Hotshop Equipment List

  • Furnace
  • 400 lb. gas powered, freestanding crucible Port opening – 10” x 10”
  • Melting Spruce Pine 87 w/Erbium
  • Glory Holes
  • 2 small – 14” opening X 26” depth with 1 set of doors
  • 1 medium – 18” opening X 29” depth with 2 sets of doors 1 large – 22” opening X 44” depth with 3 sets of doors
  • Front Loading Annealers
  • Large 25 x 58 x 26” (L x W x H)
  • Medium 28 x 40 x 28” 2 Small 18 x 38 x 18”
  • Top Loading Annealer 6ft x 3ft x 2ft
  • Pickup Ovens
  • 2 – hexagon 10” x 10” x 13” deep Square 23” x 23” x 13” deep
  • Garage
  • 22” wide x 41” long x 17” tall
  • 2 ports – 10” x 12.5” tall
  • Oval Fusing Kilns
  • 30” wide x 41” long x 31” deep
  • 24” wide x 39” long x 17” deep
  • Torches
  • 2 Fluffy
  • Nortel surface mix ranger Mid-Range converted gas saver Nortel 64-hole hand torch
  • Pipe Warmer Pipe Cooler Powder Booth
  • Basic Shop Tools
  • Jacks, tweezers, diamond shears, straight shears, sophietas, corks, tags, blocks, paddles, blow pipes, and punties
  • Kiln shelves – various sizes, stilts, bricks, Pastorelli forks, ladles
  • Cold Shop
  • 2 Flat Wheels
  • 36” steel with 80 grit silicon carbide 24” magnetic diamond pads

DMG School Project, an educational nonprofit housed within the Duncan McClellan Gallery complex, has received generous grants from the Gene and Julia Sorbo DMG Residency, Florida Glass Art Alliance, the Milkey Family Foundation, Hough Family Foundation Inc, Art Alliance of Contemporary Glass, Maurice A. And Thelma P. Rothman Foundation, and the Lighting Foundation making it possible to offer six-week residencies to FOUR emerging glass artists.

For further information about DMG School Project and the Duncan McClellan Gallery go to and