Steven Hagan 2018

I’ve never worked so hard in my life.  I was very aware of the investments being made for me to be there and I wanted to match that with my effort.

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Aya Oki  2018

This residency taught me about the relationship between myself, galleries, and my audience.  I truly grew as an artist.  DMG is a great environment to get inspired and grow.

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Nikolai Morse 2018

“The residency allowed me to move from technique to expression. Activating my pieces is necessary. I’ve spent my time focusing on techniques and never pushed myself into the market. To be surrounded by a team that pushes you into the market helps me value my time and effort. I have learned how to do it sustainably and this residency has been the push I need to continue down the road of producing glass art.”

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Eli Cecil

“This residency has been a spring board for my career. I was feeling like I was on the cusp of a new body of work and this opportunity has provided a much-needed push to hone in on those skills. The residency also allowed me to connect my concept with the work I’ve been creating. The ability to take risk and try new techniques has been a game changer for me. It has allowed for much needed research and development and I’m ready to explore with my new-found confidence and apply this experience to future projects.”

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Jack Gramann 2017

“It was an absolutely incredible experience. It gave me the opportunity to chase my ideas without losing them. I was able to make something and walk across the way to see how it looks in a professional gallery.”

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John Shoemaker

“After being in glass for 10 years I understand the value of being able to go into a studio without having to worry about the financial restraints of working with hot glass.  Fortunately, the residency took care of all the expenses for us, so we could create a new body of work and explore our ideas.  It allowed us to take risk and try those new ideas.”

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Raven Skyriver 2016

“Working in your hot shop, was such an amazing opportunity to experiment and problem solve. Without that financial pressure of studio rental and hiring help I was able to test ideas and make some completely new pieces. Forms that I had been trying to figure out how to approach but hadn’t taken the time to work through in the hot shop.”

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Nicolas Emeric 2015

One of our first emerging glass artist, Nick, is the current manager of Hot Sand Glass Studio and Gallery in New Jersey.

Richard Logan

“The thought of combining glass with my current work of metal and photographic transfer was very exciting. For you to have the faith in my ability to add a medium that I had very little experience with gave me the confidence to stretch even farther outside my comfort zone. Initially my thoughts went to etching since I had some experience with that process but quickly I became excited about other possibilities such as slumping, casting, and fusing.”

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Jake Pfeifer

One of our first emerging artists in residents was Jake.  We are happy to say he is the current owner and operator of Hot Glass Alley in New Jersey.

Raven Skyriver

“The strongest piece that I made during my time there was a form that I had never tried, the sea turtle. This is one of the most time consuming and complicated pieces that I have made, and I honestly wouldn’t have attempted it without the stress-free time to explore.

I didn’t know what to expect having never been there before, but the studio surpassed my expectations. There was every piece of equipment that a person could need, and I think I utilized just about all of it. Everything was in good working order and your staff where talented, friendly, and helpful in every regard.”

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Mariel Bass

You have enriched my life and work as an artist. I truly appreciate your help and look forward to giving back this season by sharing what I learned with the many students who will join us at St. Pete Hot Glass for glass classes offered through DMG School Project and made possible by all of you.

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Jacob Stout

“While cost is the biggest factor to creating new work in glass, it also requires the right facility and an experienced crew. The St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop obviously recognizes this and put forth a tremendous effort to ensure the most deluxe studio and a highly competent staff was prepared for this residency.”

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