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Duncan McClellan

Duncan McClellan, President of DMG School Project is a nationally recognized, award-winning glass artist. His distinctive style of masterful craftsmanship and iconic imagery is sought after by public and private collectors throughout the United States and abroad. In 2011, he opened Duncan McClellan Gallery followed by St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop, both of which serve as catalysts for the development of the Warehouse Arts District. Based on his philanthropic vision to inspire personal and artistic growth through glass art, he created the educational organization, DMG School Project.

Kevin Daigle

Kevin Lloyd Daigle was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Kevin struck up a fascination with art and glassblowing before ending high school. Upon discovering the Kent State University glass program, he pursued his college degree there. While studying glass-working at the university, Kevin experimented with many techniques and processes. He created sculptures and installations that attempted to utilize the unique properties of the material. Kevin graduated with his BFA in Glass from Kent State University in 2016. After graduating, Kevin had been working as a production Glassblower out of Mantua, Ohio, specializing in custom drinkware and small sculptures. From 2018 to 2021, Kevin was an artist and instructor at The Glass Asylum in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Working with the team there, he produced tons of glass lighting fixtures and sculptures. In 2022 he arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida to share his array of expertise with students and other glass artists.

Irene McClellan

Irene McClellan has been behind the scenes at the gallery for 15 years, starting when it was just a warehouse and a twinkle in Duncan’s eyes as he envisioned the whole growth of the gallery, gardens, hot shop, and DMG School Project in the now revitalized Warehouse Arts District neighborhood.  Irene grew up in Maplewood/South Orange, NJ and, at the age of 18, moved to St. Petersburg. She attended Eckerd College, where she earned her degree in psychology in 1991 and went on to become a manager at NutriSystem, followed by many years as a paralegal for Jim Beach, Esquire, until his retirement. She officially joined the gallery and DMG School Project team in July, 2019 and enjoys being surrounded by so much stunning artwork, which serves as an inspiration for her own arts and crafts, done purely for enjoyment.

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