Duncan McClellan

Duncan McClellan, President of DMG School Project is a nationally recognized, award-winning glass artist. His distinctive style of masterful craftsmanship and iconic imagery is sought after by public and private collectors throughout the United States and abroad. In 2011, he opened Duncan McClellan Gallery followed by St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop, both of which serve as catalysts for the development of the Warehouse Arts District. Based on his philanthropic vision to inspire personal and artistic growth through glass art, he created the educational organization, DMG School Project.

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill, the coordinator for DMG School Project holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and has worked at various glass facilities throughout the United States.  Hill has held varied management positions for the states of Florida and Wisconsin. She began her career in the service industry where she worked her way up to corporate management, a position that she held for 12 years.

Mariel Bass

Mariel Bass has been Manager of the St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop for since 2013. She received her BA Fine Art/ Glass from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston in 2005. She was invited to study at the Corning Museum of Art in 2011. Mariel is an accomplished glass artist who has garnered several awards and has been instructing since 2002. She teaches advanced hot glass classes to Eckerd College students and the public. Mariel was invited to study with Washington artist Raven Skyriver in 2016.

Danyell Bauer

Danyell Bauer has been the DMGallery and the St. Petersburg HotGlass Workshop assistant since 2011. After being introduced to glass art in 2005, Danyell fell in love with the medium and has been actively creating art ever since. In addition, Danyell organizes all of the outreach, DMG tours, group rental, demonstrations, and classes that take place at the DMG complex. She has a passion for education and children.

Josh Cocozza

Josh Cocozza has been an artist assistant at DMG St. Petersburg Hot Glass Workshop and Duncan McClellan Gallery since 2013.  As a developing artist, Josh has the opportunity each month to work with, and learn from, some of the best glass artists in the world at the DMG complex. His dedication, enthusiasm, and skill make him a valued member of the DMG team.

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