DMG Mobile Glass Labs travel into the community and partner with a wide variety of art, social service, and educational organizations to bring the glass art experience to the public. The outreach program includes all of the materials needed to prepare a design on a glass object (plate, glass or ornament), and instruction by a DMG assistant.


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The prepared object is then sand-etching by the participant. Additionally, the mobile glass furnace allows glass artists to demonstrate their craft while educating viewers of the planning, teamwork, physics and math involved in the creative process. A variety of finished glass art pieces on display are used as reference for discussions about chemistry, geology, and history of glass as tool and art.

The success of DMG School Project has lead to an increase in programming with more community partners, and acquisition of the only mobile glass etching and mobile hot glass furnace in the Tampa Bay area. These mobile units allow us to bring the educational value of glass art to more people in our communities. We are especially excited about the ability to introduce children and adults, who otherwise may never have the opportunity, to the full spectrum of glass creation at schools, and neighborhood events.

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