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Youth Development Program Monthly Overview

Youth Development Program Monthly Overview

Here at DMG we are thrilled to begin sharing a monthly overview of our accomplishments through the Youth Development Program for DMG School Project. The Youth Development Program is just one facet of DMG’s larger commitment to creating educational opportunities relating to glass for the community and artists alike.

unspecified-4In May 2016 we had four different school groups visit the gallery, from fifth-graders through high-school seniors, totaling over 150 individual students.  We also partnered with Harris Ambush, College of Education Community Liaison at USF, to bring more school groups through the gallery and extend our community engagement. Keep an eye on DMG to see how this partnership continues to develop!

Upon arrival, students are greeted at the gallery entrance and given a guided tour of the gallery and outdoor display/sculpture gardens. After the tour the students are led into the on-site glass studio, St Pete HotGlass Workshop.  Students receive an intimate perspective on glassmaking while the process is narrated and explained by the demonstrating artists. Afterwards the students engage in their own art-making venture with a hands-on etching experience, using sand-blasters to create their unique artworks.  These field trips are extremely memorable for both students and staff.

“My students were awe struck by the glass exhibited in the gallery. ..The hot shop demo by Mariel and Danielle was great. Getting to see this from start to finish was captivating, impressive, and delightful. Hard work and teamwork were so unspecified-5wonderfully demonstrated. We all left with profound respect for the art making and sharing… Thank you all for making this day spectacular for us. This is such a worthwhile endeavor that you so graciously share with the students, the community and all who are lucky enough to participate. ”

Natalie Keyes, Teacher

Bayside High School

DMG Youth Development Program provides a curriculum to teachers and schools combining art, history, geology, chemistry, math, along with critical and creative thinking skills. The nature of glassmaking demonstrates the symbiotic relationship of these fields and encourages students to apply this perspective to learning and life experiences.

When you support DMG you support local arts education for schools, artists, and the community alike.  Volunteer or Donate to help us continue fulfilling our mission!

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