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Keeping Kids Engaged with Etching All Summer!

By June 22, 2017November 14th, 2018News, School Project

The DMG School Project doesn’t slow down even when school lets out! All summer long we are proud to host the R’ Club’s middle school groups, giving them a comprehensive, educational experience that we hope inspires some of the children to pursue glass art. We’ve provided them with materials to prepare their own glass plates for etching ahead of time, but the real fun begins when they get here.  Their day begins with a tour of the Gallery and sculpture garden with Mr. Duncan to include a history and technical overview of studio glass, followed by a demonstration in the Hot Shop, until finally they get to sandblast their plates with our mobile etching unit and see the magic come to life in their very own hands.  Through this experience, we watch students’ eyes light up and curiosity turn to smiles as they take away a piece of their very own art, and hopefully some inspiration to try it again or expand their knowledge of the principles we teach.

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