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DMG School Project believes there is an artist in everyone. We are also advocates of art education, youth learning, and excelling in all other facets of life as a consequence of learning about and participating in the arts. The earlier kids are exposed to the arts, the more time they have to master them. And once kids begin to improve, they will become proud of the work they do. This is key for engaging and motivating young minds, which encourages lifelong learning and success.

Academic Success

Kids that succeed in school learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, taking their time, and many other benefits. In fact, a student involved in art education is four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Not to mention the fact that the arts are fun! By encouraging children to be creative, we improve their decision making and problem-solving skills as well. That’s something that all kids can improve on.

Anybody that has made something with their hands can tell you that it feels good. Working with your hands can form new neuropathways and improve retention as much as 75%. The DMG School Project partners with public and private schools to help as many students as possible. Our aim is to ignite that spark of excitement and providing an interdisciplinary educational experience to all.

Helping Disadvantaged Youth

The DMG School project believes in empowering kids that aren’t afforded the same opportunities as their peers. A child’s socioeconomic standing shouldn’t prevent them from experiencing what the arts have to offer or having a quality art education. Art is a great way that they can express the emotions that they are feeling.

Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college. The DMG Youth Development Program was designed with all students in mind and is inclusive of everybody, no matter what their economic limitations are. We have inspired over 102,000 children since 2013 and hope to continue doing so.

Ways You Can Help

Whether it’s a family gathering, a wedding, or a corporate party, Duncan McClellan Glass has space to offer. Renting our venue is one of the easiest ways to support our mission. Our galleries, courtyards, and the hot shop will help to make your event unforgettable. Here’s the best part; all of the proceeds benefit educational programs for kids in the Tampa Bay area!

You can also choose to support the DMG School Project by donating, either on a recurring basis or through a one-time gift. As our community grows, we will continue to need your help to keep the arts at the forefront of kids lives. Your support has already helped thousands of kids.