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DMG School Project – Facets

Did you know…?

Part of fulfilling DMG School Project’s mission to inspire personal growth through the medium of glass art is providing residencies to artists, both emerging and established.

Raven Skyriver, one of our artists regularly on display, has been a recipient of two residencies sponsored by the DMG School Project: in 2015 and ‘16 respectively. In January of 2015 Skyriver was given two weeks of hot-shop access, as well as assistants ready to help with anything he might need:

The two weeks that I had to work in your hot shop, was such an amazing
opportunity to experiment and problem solve. When I am renting studio time, the overhead is so high That it is not conducive to risk taking. Without that financial pressure of studio rental and hiring help I was able to test ideas, and make some completely new pieces. Forms that I had been trying to figure out how to approach, but hadn’t taken the time to work through in the hot shop.

I didn’t know what to expect having never been there before, but the studio
surpassed my expectations. There was every piece of equipment that a person could need, and I think I utilized just about all of it. Everything was in good working order and your staff where talented, friendly, and helpful in every regard.

Hope to make it out there again one of these days explore the next chapter in my

Thank you for the opportunity.

-Sincerely, Raven

IMG_9857Raven was able to try new forms he had not attempted beforehand, and it was during this initial residency Skyriver developed a relationship with our team and Duncan. Before long we knew that offering Raven another residency would be of great benefit to both parties, and in January of this year he was back in the studio for another week of hot glass action.

The fun didn’t end there! Shortly after his last residency, Skyriver invited our very own Studio Manager, Mariel Bass, out to Pilchuck Glass School to assist him for a week-long residency he was granted in April 2016. We were thrilled for Mariel and her opportunity to travel out to Seattle and work with Raven once more.

This is just one of many stories that have come out of DMG School Project and the opportunities we are facilitating for the glass community both near and far.

We will be sharing updates on future residencies as they occur, keep an eye out! Give us a ‘Like’ on FB and follow us on Instagram! @DuncanMcClellanGallery@DmgSchoolProject